Travel (ampu)Teacher Tip 1


hi! I have been wanting to post tips and tricks I do as an amputee (but also as a human person) that I use for traveling since I do it a TON between track and work. 
this week I am heading to Italy for a family reunion. I’ve been on the road for a week anyways and have tips on tips for big long trips or even short ones too. 
this week I’m not checking bags (which is a feat in itself) but honestly WAY easier to maintain when you are going to have a tight connection (like me right now) I have two bags, a small roller and a weekend/duffle (mostly because my dad got it for me and it has the map of Italy and he is sentimental like that in his little dad way- I prefer backpacks because they are easier on the body) 

the duffle has AMPLE room for items I’ll probably acquire along the way (between gifts and constantly being cold it’s been a way of life now)

I also have a small purse with my passport, sunglasses, credit cards, a pen, my phone and Chapstick for easy access. You’ll always need these items at in opportune times. they fit in my carry on top and voila- life is legit. 

gotta check this delay status now. Thanks for reading! check back for more tips later! 

Trust me, this is all you need for Europe. 

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