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Monthly Archives: December 2018

This was a facebook post originally but it was long af and my dad’s internet is being whack so hopefully it posts here!  I’m seeing a lot of NYE posts about pain from 2018 and hope for 2019. Frankly, this is a trend I’m noticing every New Year’s- people lamenting on their woes from the year prior and hoping for better. I would be lying if I didn’t say I hadn’t experienced… Read More

Let me start off by saying, this post is NOT associated with Netflix in any manner (however I would not be opposed to any movie offers tbh) but I watched the movie, “Dumplin” on a recent average night and, my friends, I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY. The movie is set in the fictional town of Clover City, Texas and the protagonist is a high school girl named Willowdean Dickson, daughter of a… Read More