Sport and Performance Psychology

Lacey Henderson is a Paralympian, model, speaker, and a sports and performance psychology professional.

Lacey has used her professional athletic career and returned back to school to earn a Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology.

Sports Psychology Consulting

Physical preparation is just one part of sport readiness. Mental skills are essential in executing what any athlete needs in competition from arousal control, focus, breathing, concentration, imagery, self-talk, resilience to overall emotional regulation – I create specific programming to the athletes or teams unique needs to enhance mental readiness in performances from practice to an international competition.

Performance Consulting

I have extensive experiences working with teams and organizations to enhance productivity and performance. So many aspects of sports psychology are translatable to non-sport environments and I create unique tools for each group to emphasize their strengths and find solutions through opportunities of growth within their specific ecosystems.


As a disability advocate that has affected policy and change at varying levels, my portfolio of presentations continues to grow. From motivating experiences to educational coursework, my presentations are custom to the needs and wants of the client.

I had been struggling with managing a lot of different hats as a freelancer. Lacey’s programming often delivers exactly what I need to work on. It makes me feel better and ready to tackle the task ahead after each session with her!

Client working in the Creative Landscape

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