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Monthly Archives: June 2017

The topic of online dating recently arose amongst some amputee friends. More specifically a male friend of ours, who is a triple amputee, was inquiring what some of our amputee community of friends have done in regards to sharing photos of our disability in our online/dating app profiles.   Once I figured out what the dating apps actually WERE, I made myself a profile and used them sparingly for dating earlier in… Read More

Hey everyone; This Crazy Legs story comes from a handsome gentleman who happens to have lived his whole life in a wheelchair. We are Facebook friends and this particular post actually helped spark the idea of my Crazy Legs blog idea: Strange comments from people while running errands this week. Tuesday-a guy asked ” are you sure you can’t walk? Me: pretty sure about. Wednesday-lady in line at Starbucks: “I just want… Read More