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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fast forward to “the call” and going home and going to team processing and going to Rio, yada yada yada… I had plenty of time to reflect and here are my thoughts: 17 years ago, on any given Saturday I could be found at Denver Children’s Hospital, In-Patient Oncology ward (typically in the Intensive Care Unit because my cancer experience was consistently catastrophic and I never had an immune system.) Since I… Read More

Fast forward to my other summer plans; the fateful (and unfortunately short) Argentina trip. I came down to Buenos Aires, only with a place to stay (thanks to the endless love I have from my “adopted family”) and that’s about it… I got in on Sunday, called my (actual) cousins who live close to the city when I got in. A couple days later we had coffee and made plans for a… Read More

Holy smokes! It’s already MID OCTOBER (wutttt) I am finally slowing down from the rush of this summer and would like to share some thoughts from all the places I’ve been. Since June I have experienced the extreme spectra of emotions from shame, disappointment, loss, to joy, celebration, and satisfaction. Let me share a few thoughts I’ve had during the summer.   There is a brazilian author named Paulo Cohelo, who famously wrote… Read More