Travel (ampu)teacher Tip 2

so I am on hour 3 of this delay. not ideal but not terrible. since it’s this far pushed back I now know I only have about 20 minutes to make my Italy connection (original layover was 3h50m then when I checked in 50m and now ???) 
so I came to the gate, chatted a little and the most my gate agent could offer right now is a seat change closer to the front 


upgrade closer up front. 
that is awesome. when you have time like this, the website FlightAware is GREAT because it can tell you up to the minute delays, reasons for the delay and even where the air craft is coming from. my mom is a retired flight attendant and that has always been her ace in the hole. 
when you know you are going to be close in connections it’s good to check the next airports layout AS WELL as partnering airlines and other cities to fly into that could work. since I’m going south of Rome I know I could get rerouted through Paris via AirFrance (since flying Delta today) and get to Naples and get an even shorter plane. 
options are always a great thing! plus it you use your manners and are flexible you never know when you’ll get upgraded closer to the front of the plane! (I have NO status with Delta but kind of praying for a first/business upgrade if I stay kind) 
**friends with disabilities. this is when taking a chair can either HELP you or HURT you tremendously. if you are able enough to walk and meet up with someone already waiting for you, usually the transfer is super fast. if you are in a chair and need to go through the whole aisle chair change/wait for someone to help you it should be made clear that you CANNOT move with haste. most airlines are good if you make your disability clear and can help rearrange your travel. if I don’t make this Rome flight I’ll be using my leg card real good to get me to Europe. 

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