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Monthly Archives: March 2018

My doodles- I am so excited. When I knew my girls Mama Cax and Angel Giuffria were coming to town, I thought if I got a camera on us we would create some amazing content. It’s a LADIES brunch (a good friend male-friend-but-female-fan James was there also) during Women’s month JUST before Limb Loss Awareness Month. Are the stars aligning or nah?? Sure enough, we finally found a way to get together…. Read More

Okay. So I hesitated doing this…   But this Crazy Legs post is from ME.   I need to mention, I FREAKING LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. I seriously LOVE love, and yes we should acknowledge and show it to our partners regularly… but, I also think participating in a day doing something (even if it’s corny) that celebrates love is a good thing. So, I was deep in my feels, y’all. This Valentine’s… Read More