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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  Here is a textual conversation I had with a close friend about some first date protocol: I just want to be clear in that my wisdom ONLY comes from learning all of these life lessons the hard way… (She is a smarty-pants medical student at a REALLY good med school) I am CONSTANTLY revisiting the concept of dealing with people who have disabilities finding themselves in situations where they feel a… Read More

WARNING: Language is rated R in this post   Okay. I have been waiting WAY too long to post this.   So I have a friend through track who is a TOTAL BOMBSHELL BABE. Like, think Jessica Rabbit but with a better tan and an Aussie accent. She also uses a wheelchair and has like… her entire life. She has some incredible exchanges she shares with her social media following and let’s… Read More

Hey- Happy New Year!   This year I have been 10000% over the long-drawn out, deep-and-meaningful farewells to the year we left behind. Mostly, because 2017 was kind of shitty for me… That’s neither here nor there.   Something cool I saw though is people are sharing their reading lists from the past year. I am inviting myself to share the 15 books I can remember reading from 2017. (Occasionally with a… Read More