Welcoming 2016

Before the New Year I wanted to get a quick D&M (deep and meaningful) blog upon reviewing 2015 and all that has passed.

It was another year of transition, a little turmoil and a lot of learning. For me, the year was full of emotions and at times felt incredibly treacherous.

It was a sea with violent waters and while I fought, struggled, and somehow managed to keep my head above the water. (At least what feels like enough to survive.) I’m so glad that 2016 offers such hope and honestly homeostasis where the same crashing waters will calm and I will find solace in the new norms I’ve made and accepted for myself.

2015 was a year of gratitude for my family, and the families I have made for myself throughout my life. I learned that, as humans, the families we are born into often unintentionally create shaky foundations, but that’s why we hold each other up now, with the families that we have chosen for ourselves.

So while 2015 can keep the tears cried and all the heartbreak felt; it was a tremendous year of growth and self reflection. Going into the New Year I have three top priorities to keep in mind.

1. Be Brave.
But remember that courage isn’t trying something without being afraid. Bravery is going for it even while you carry along the shadow so often known as fear. Sometimes being courageous is taking baby steps along the way and slowly chipping away at the fear you hold on to. It’s a process.

2. Be Kind.
It isn’t easy, especially when it is to yourself. Remember that sometimes the constraints we have in our life are done often by our own hand. The thought of making the “wrong” move is sometimes so debilitating that we are paralyzed from doing anything. With courage and kindness you often find that “wrong” and “right” decisions don’t really exist but are only stepping stones to learning and growth.

3. Be understanding.
We are all products of our own experiences. When you can put the perspective of others in light it will make the way they perceive you or a situation easier to digest. We are all trying our best but remember that people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themself. Try to stop asking questions and accept simply what is.

So with that, I hope the wisdom I’ve gained in 2015 will hopefully give some guidance in 2016. Happy New Year and be grateful for the experiences, even the hard ones, yet to come.

With love, sayonara 2015. Long but not forgotten!


4 Comments on “Welcoming 2016

  1. Dear Lacey, everything is always changing and your growing wisdom and acceptance of that is clear in how you speak, how you write, how you love yourself and the family and friends around you. You have developed into an amazing person because of your insights and the fact you are willing to share them with us is very generous. Thank you!

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