The Illusion of Balance with the Change of Seasons

Hi Friends!

It’s been a while- and I am taking a quick break to post one of the most recent articles I wrote that was published by my friends at the Amputee Coalition with their magazine InMotion.

Coincidentally; this article has nothing to do with disability and everything to do with managing life as it comes.

You can see it here!

OR ALSO here is just the text if for whatever reason I didn’t link the PDF correctly:

Every day you see people around you, on social media and in real life, who seem to have attained that elusive concept of perfect balance in their lives. Good news – balance doesn’t exist! It’s all a charade! When it comes to claiming our power, whether it is in our health, finances or even personal relationships, it helps to look at them the same way we look at the seasons changing.


When summer changes to fall; we pull out our sweaters and put away the sunscreen and sandals. When winter comes, it’s important to have a warm jacket to protect us from the conditions. In spring, we shed those layers and get ready once again for warm weather. The cycles that exist in our lives are not that much different than the cycles that go on in nature around us. Our priorities need to shift with the season’s change. Sometimes work requires us to put on another layer of focus and get the job done. Occasionally, it seems as if work is of less importance than to implement the necessary tasks in order to make our physical health a priority. Equally, relationships can get off-kilter, and there are appropriate times when those need more of our time and energy than other things.


Our power is available to us when we take a moment to step back, take inventory, and see what “season” we are currently living in. Just as the seasons lie on a spectrum, so do our responsibilities. Life will always throw curveballs, but different times require different levels of focus and energy. Our power doesn’t depend on “balance– rather, it lies within the spectrum of all of life’s priorities. Be glad to know that you don’t have to do it all at once, take note of what is an immediate priority, and be thankful to know that this, too, shall pass.


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