Crazy Legs Episode 2: She Walked Away

Hey everyone;

This Crazy Legs story comes from a handsome gentleman who happens to have lived his whole life in a wheelchair.

We are Facebook friends and this particular post actually helped spark the idea of my Crazy Legs blog idea:

Strange comments from people while running errands this week.

Tuesday-a guy asked ” are you sure you can’t walk?

Me: pretty sure about.

Wednesday-lady in line at Starbucks: “I just want you to know you are very handsome even though you’re handicapped.”

Me: umm…. thanks.

Thursday- guy at Ace Hardware: you don’t need that wheelchair do you?

Me: (ignored and gave the you’re an idiot look)

Today- guy at the Kawasaki Dealer “how the f*** can you ride a 4 wheeler, you’re in a wheelchair?!

Me: (big sigh) it’s complicated… I get on it and then I ride it.

Do I dare leave my house again?

Obviously, dude has navigated his life through a lot of “face palm” moments.

This is the story he sent to share with the blog:

Hey There Lacey!

I’ve been trying to think of a good story from the 48 years of using a wheelchair and this one keeps coming to mind.

About 25 years ago, I had been dating a girl for a couple years, everything had been going great! We moved in together after 2 weeks of dating. Chemistry was great and the sex was also definitely great. Well, after 2 years of living together she woke up one morning and realized I couldn’t walk and that was the end of it….she couldn’t handle the fact that I couldn’t walk.

Moral of the story….DATE SMARTER PEOPLE!

-She Walked Away

So my goal here is to entertain but also educate people with Crazy Legs stories… but this one was already so hilariously random and weird I was a little unsure what to ask in regards to education and more in regards to like “wait…seriously?” I managed to get a little more information of this hilariously tragic story.

I’m assuming you had previous conversations with her about your disability, what were her previous positive responses before she suddenly changed her mind?

-She and I met at a bar and hit it off immediately ( yup, we had sex that night) and we had many conversations about me being a paraplegic. I make no bones about the fact that I’ve never walked and will never walk.

-Okay so knowing you, it’s not like she took on any sort of “care taker” role, like you’re a grown ass man and can live on your own… so did she give any sort of reason why the no walk thing was no longer okay with her?

She had no caretaker role as I’m pretty independent. She had always seemed totally okay with that she was dating a dude in a chair. One morning she seriously woke up and said “I can’t date you anymore; you can’t walk and you’ll never walk!” My response was ” umm…… no shit! You just figured that out?!!!” We stopped dating pretty quickly after that. I almost immediately started dating her best friend.


So, I’ve been with my wife for 20 years and she is fully aware that I can’t walk and will never walk; she’s totally good with that.

I’ve had some super fantastic situations with dating people in my life, not all were tragic or sad. I think this one is hilarious. Honestly, I’ve always used my disability to my advantage with dating. I always knew people were curious if I could have sex, therefore we’d discuss sex on the first date and just got it out of the way. Some people take months to just discuss sex, I was way ahead of the game.

*Follow up question because I got overly excited from his reponse*

-Haha this is awesome. Is your wife her best friend??

No-I met my wife at my sister’s wedding a few years later.

(that would have been an amazing twist of fate though, but I am glad he is happily married to a woman who happens to be AB)

Dating is weird, for everyone. Being open and honest about who you are is important; but so is being honest with yourself. (This also includes what you can and can’t handle.)

From what I’ve learned with this story, is no matter how open and honest you are about who you are and what disability you may have; sometimes people just won’t be cool with it. And that’s okay, because there are always PLENTY of other people who are! This guy’s whole life is basically a testament of confidence literally being the sexiest trait you can have. I’ve heard that some people really struggle in social and romantic situations on account of their disability, but I have been fortunate enough to belong to the other side where it’s never really been a big deal. I think a lot of that has to do with my unapologetic-sometimes-bordering-delusional sense of self confidence.

Also, just like our AB friends, NOT everyone with a disability is down to talk about their bone-town sexual situations the moment they meet someone new. It’s a good general rule of thumb to take some social inventory on the context and level of conversation in which you’re involved. *MOST PEOPLE DON’T ASK STRANGERS ABOUT HOW THEY HAVE SEX BECAUSE THAT IS WEIRD* People with physical disabilities are no different… show a little respect and at least offer to buy ‘em a drink first 😉


2 Comments on “Crazy Legs Episode 2: She Walked Away

  1. It’s amazing how many people are weird about things they don’t try to understand!
    I forgot! What is AB?

    • Hi David-
      I had previously put a definition for AB; it’s what we call people without disabilities. It stands for “Able-Bodied…” but then again we know that term is relative. 😉 Thanks for reading and supporting!

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