Detoured but back on the Road to Rio 

just a quick, NON proof read(I kind of hate my iPhone keyboard for blog posts but it’s all I got!) thought I want to share: 
**while on vacation in Argentina I got a last minute phone call inviting me to compete for Team USA in both the Long Jump and the 100M sprints due to the Russian State Sponsored Doping Scandal. I was the first person given a slot, the slot I knew I had earned.**

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude as I depart for the Rio Games. I want to extend a very special thank you to my insanely smart support group in my sports/life psychologist Marc Strickland and all the staff and Interns I’ve trained with and learned from at Altis. They took a chance on me and it never went unnoticed. I came into this sport relatively late but have had an incredible amount of support and belief in those around me. The Olympic and Paralympic Games are meant to be a celebration of the entire worlds abilities coming together. It’s truly a profound spectacle if you think amongst all the turmoil in the world, in our own country and even in our own neighborhoods; that people who are nothing alike can come together, see the human spirit in the other and perform to the best of their abilities. My journey has been one of hard work, constant learning, constant growing, patience, forgiveness, but mostly love. it took me a long time to know and love myself like I do now- really up until I got the call to come compete just a week ago! What makes us successful is not accomplishments on world stages- but the accomplishments within ourselves. I have learned to forgive and grow with my family; created new ones all over the world but most importantly sat alone and accepted myself. If there was any advice I could give to anyone with a dream or a goal it would be to learn as much as you can about what you want to know. when you think you’ve learned it all- then find people who can teach you even more. Do things that keep you closer to the planet- eat real food as much as you can instead of weird chemicals. Tell people you love them, show it not only by extending yourself to them but also by accepting their offers of help. people want to see you flourish. Go on your own spiritual journey and know it is yours alone. the universe will do everything it can to get you what you want but it takes some serious leaps of faith and you gotta walk it alone. Find that the joy you are looking for on the outside can only come from within. Keep your convictions, do what you know to be right. You may never get what you think you want but no one can ever take away your integrity nor can you ever replace it. Your body tells you exactly what it needs; please listen. it carries you around all day and wakes you up in the morning, show it a little gratitude. Your cup is as full as you decide. I had cancer at a young age, I helped my mom plan my own funeral before the age of ten. I was given a second chance at life after paying the price of forever changing my body. It didn’t disfigure me; it transformed me. My amputation has possibly been the only consistent thing in my life and my leg is not who I am but it is one of my very best friends. It reminds me everyday of the strength that remains inside. This team is not the achievement, turning my scars into a legacy- that is what I’m celebrating. I love you all. thank you. 

One Comment on “Detoured but back on the Road to Rio 

  1. Hi Lacey. My daughter Jillian Williams just sent you a message (or 2) on Instagram. She had rotationplasty on July 7 and we had gotten your name from Matthew with Otto Bock. Jillian’s dad and I were blown away -not in a good way -by the limitations in prosthetics this day and age. Enough said but I hope you and Jilian will be able to make contact because after reading your intro post on your site you two have such an amazing and similar outlook on life. When I read about your leg being your best friend today I laughed out loud because Jillian had just posted that her leg named Leni is her best friend.
    You and cancer patients like Jillian make this cancer journey so much better for us the parents!! Thank you!!!!

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