The Second Decade- By the Days of the Week.

When I turned 26 last year, my mom called me (after she got a delicious chocolate birthday cake special delivered to my door- Thanks mom!!) and told me that 26 was basically the Wednesday of my 20’s. I was still very much in the  middle of my roarin’ 20’s.

Well, I have now spent a week of the “Thursday Morning” of my 20’s, the weekend in sight but still not close enough for planning any activities.

I have received an abundance of love and I just want to express my gratitude for those that have helped me through this week, not just this actual past week, but the metaphorical week of my young adulthood. And now that I am an esteemed woman at a respectable age, in my gratitude I wanted to give to those who have given to me. A lot of people (and I mean a lot) got healing crystals, phone calls, gifts shipped or even meals bought, but what I know I can share with everyone- is a project a few friends and I started earlier in the year. We sat down and had a conversation about what we are doing, why, and would we still be doing it even if we are destined to fail.

I hope you enjoy it as a gift from me, a gift of gratitude not only for your undying belief in me, but the constant support and love. Thank you. 27 has been so good to me- and it’s only the first week.

(If for any reason you do feel so inclined to share a little extra birthday love, you can donate directly to my track expenses HERE and help me with the insane costs of Paralympic Trials this month)

Please enjoy Part 1

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