See you soon, San Diego!

Hey friends!

I will be in San Diego for a few things along with my Ottobock Team.

The 24th of February, we will be hosting an Ottobock 360 event where you can learn about the latest and greatest devices coming out. You can get more information and RSVP here.

But wait- THERE’S MORE


That Friday, the 26th of February I will be hosting another Fitness Revolution where you can try out a running system compliments of my Ottobock team, and I will help teach you some tricks and techniques for stepping up your running game. The event will be totally free, including our 3S80 Fitness Knee and 1E90 Running Feet trials AND even lunch. You can register for that event here.


Can’t wait to meet and greet!


One Comment on “See you soon, San Diego!

  1. Well done Lacey. I spoke with Greta yesterday. She filled me in. May I please invite you to release whatever is between your folks and continue to trust your inner wisdom, your intuition, your heart and soul? Love their faults as best you can and stay strong in yourself my dear Lacey. This is an important time for you. They will find their way eventually. Stand in your truth. Finding your own place of peace is not easy, I know. I pray you will. If you ever want to chat, feel free to call. I have been there. Be well dear one. Love to you.

    In grace and gratitude. Katy

    Photographer Katy Tartakoff 8246 Northfield Blvd. #2520 Denver CO 80238 303-520-9587

    The Story of Your Life


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