My World Championships Schedule


I’m pretty sure this will be my final schedule with all of my events. I jump first and was also fortunate enough to qualify for the 100m which I will run a week later. 

For updated results and to watch LIVE please go to
Here is my schedule in local (Qatar) time (hopefully as well as the correct pacific/mountain standard times) 

22/10/2015-16:20-Women F42 Long Jump- Final (06:20 PST/ 07:20 MST) 

22/10/2016-19:24-Women F42 Long Jump- Medal Ceremony (09:24 PST/ 10:24 MST)

29/10/2015-16:48-Women T42 100m-Semifinal 1 (06:48 PST/07:48 MST) 

29/10/2015-16:56-Women T42 100m- Semifinal 2 (06:56 PST/07:56 MST)

30/10/2015-16:08-Women T42 100m- Final (06:08 PST/ 07:08 MST) 

30/10/2015-17:00-Women T42 100m- Medal Ceremony (07:00 PST/ 08:00 MST) 
Thank you for the love and support as always! Be sure to follow the site for updates throughout the competition as well. 


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