Off to Doha Today

You know, it’s been coined “The Hardest Team in the World To Make…” and anyone who has ever been blessed enough to be a member of Team USA I’m sure will agree with that statement. So honored to compete now on my SECOND World Championship Team. I am en route today and as I reflect on this year, this life; I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for every single person being a part of this incredible journey. It’s hard to shift your focus from results only to appreciating the process and I am so thankful for every part of my life that has brought me to this moment. I’m surrounded by love and intelligent individuals everyday that support me in every dream I choose to persue. That is truly a gift and it takes a village. Please know you are appreciated and your love and support carries me throughout all the highs and the lows.Great job, great people, great life. Thank you all again and go USA!


stretching with fellow team mate Trenten Merril for pre-Worlds training

Here is the most recent article done with my journey to Doha this year and continual road I’m building to Rio 2016 done by Daliah Singer and 5280 Magazine. Feel free to read and get some insight on everything so far!

One Comment on “Off to Doha Today

  1. Go, Lacey!! I haven’t met you but am so inspired by your determination to give your dream everything you’ve got!! That is already a win, win!!! You go girl and catch that dream!!! God bless you!!

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