September is Pediatric Cancer Survivor Month


Life is always crazy but there are a couple things I have wanted to share with you all…

Meet Dexter 

I have been working with the Non-Profit, Wiggle Your Toes officially since 2014. When I got my scholarship to train with Altis (formley World Athletics Center) in Phoenix, they were the first people to go to bat for me and help me raise the funds necessary to pay my coaching fees. I was honored when they asked me to be their keynote speaker at their annual gold charity event in Minneapolis, MN this year.


more of us at the event

I had seen a slideshow of all of the golfers from that day (I didn’t golf because, well, I’m terrible at it and wanted to keep my image of professional athlete believable to these people…) and one person who stood out in particular was a gentleman who had a high leg amputation, constructed his own mobility devices, and apparently SMOKED everyone out there on the green.
When I finished my speech he came up to me, and introduced himself as Dexter Thuey. Immediately we had a very special connection, NOT just because we were both wearing white chino pants, BUT because we are both survivors of an extremely rare form of pediatric cancer called Synovial Sarcoma. 
Dexter is absolutely remarkable, he could quite possibly be the oldest living survivor of Synovial Sarcoma IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Now, I’ve never been great at math but the ENTIRE WORLD has over 7 billion people in it. To be one in 7 billion is kind of crazy. For real. 
We both were amazed to have met each other because, as any Synovial Sarcoma survivor knows (and I know I’ve mentioned previously)  that particular cancer is extremely rare- It’s even more rare to survive long term. Thankfully, as technology develops we see more and more people surviving…but Dexter is my diamond in the rough because before him the only survivor we had found was 16 years out and then relapsed and passed away. I’m 16 years in remission. That is a sobering correlation.
Thank you Dexter, you have given me a lifelong hope to go on, be healthy, (and maybe even practice my golf game.) You are my hero and I am so grateful to have met you!
Dexter is ALSO an incredibly talented photographer and you can view his work here.

Team USA also took a moment to ask me a few things about this important month and you can read a few blurbs from it here: Team USA celebrates Pediatric Cancer Survivor Month
Thank you again and always for the love.

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