Hello, I’ve been everywhere

It has been a WHILE since I posted anything last- and for that I apologize!



 The competition season is HERE and I am writing a quick note from Manchester to update everyone on 2015 so far.
At USA Paralympic National Champs I finished overall 1st in the F42 Long Jump and 2nd in the T42 100m. Not too shabby!

 I was invited by British Athletics to compete at the IPC Grand Prix Final/The London Anniversary Games in the combined F42/44 long jump. I was ranked DEAD LAST and had to compete up a class but finished 5th overall and am pretty pleased about the past couple of performances. That stadium never gets old, and I’m honored to have competed on it before they tear it up. 

after competition catching some more events

AmpCamp was another complete success that always makes my heart feel all the feelings. I think I REALLY over estimated my energy capacity, because kids seriously like never get tired. I feel like a part of me is still catching up on that sleep.

To all of my friends and followers who attended the Amputee Coalition’s 2015 Conference in Tucscon- I’m so sorry to have missed you! It’s a crazy time of year and we get last minute travel/invites thrown at us all the time. Brutal for my type-A personality/organizing and time management skills.

I will be training here for a little while before I go stateside to work on legs/continue training. The USA Paralympic Comittee will not announce the 2015 World Championship team until September at the earliest, so I will plan as if I have made it and continue to train. 

The 24th of August I will be a keynote speaker at the Wiggle Your Toes Annual Golf Tournament and will hopefully see some of your faces there!


with Aaron from Wiggle being silly at MSP

As always thank you for the dedicated love and support while I go live out this wonderful (and also crazy busy) life.


during my pre-meet shake out in London


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