2015: Ruin your Reputation (A 10 step approach)

Just like the rest of the world, the end of my 2014 was absolutely crazy busy. It definitely had an unexpected, M. Night Shyamalan type of ending, but I’m so thankful for another year.

Just what will he think of next?!

Just what will he think of next?!

My goal for 2015 that I’m sharing with everyone is to ruin my reputation. Yep. You read that right.

REPUTATION: (as per dictionary.com)


1. the estimation in which a person or thing is held,especially by the community or the public.
I’m going to destroy my reputation. And not destroy it like in the Amanda Bynes kind of way. I’m going to ruin my reputation by breaking rules and no longer acting in a way where communal response is my validation. Nope, this year, I’m doin’ me. You should do you, too.
It was a steady decline.

It was a steady decline.

Here are some of my steps to a successful 2015:
1. Love others, and love them really really hard. More importantly, love yourself even harder. 
Because you deserve nice things!
2. Don’t be sorry about the things that make you different. Remember sometimes the things you don’t like about yourself can be a hidden source of strength.
I really love dragons. Like, I really really love them, People look at me like I’m crazy every time it’s ever brought up (which should be all the time) but now, I don’t care because, dragons. Also, the white-picket-fence-happily-ever-after ending has never been attractive to me. I always want to travel and explore, and never settle. Look at how far I’ve gone by now, and imagine how far I will go from here? THE SKY ISN’T EVEN THE LIMIT ANYMORE. I’m super weird, I’m definitely unconventional and while that made me feel so alienated for so long, it’s now something I truly cherish.
One of my favorite quotes from Khalil Gibran in The Prophet is, “That which seems most feeble and bewildered in you is the strongest and most determined.”
Hell yeah.
3. Learn about random stuff that you find interesting.
Not everyone thinks dragons are as cool as I do… but knowledge is power, yo. It’s a gift and a privilege that we can always learn something from anything.
4. Stop making comparisons. 
Things are just as they are. It’s not you versus the entire world and everything in it. It’s just you. And then it’s the world and everything else in it. Be nice to it, not competitive.
5. Make an investment in time and memories. Not in stuff.
No matter how good the sales are right now (any they’re REALLY good) they won’t be with you when you’re 100.  Give a compliment to a stranger, it will make both of you feel good (and maybe even friends!) That will make a great memory for more than one person. Travel. Take advantage of cool opportunities. Talk to people. We should all be each other’s cheerleaders.
Go Denver!

Throwin’ this one back. Go Denver!

6. Take a moment to meditate.
Use all of your senses to where you are right now and your surroundings, to feel the weight of your body connected to the earth. To submerge yourself in the temperature where you are right now and rejoice in that sensation. Even just to look up and take a moment to sit in the quiet. Slowing down your brain and taking a breather is important. I need some serious work in that department myself.
7. Protect yourself from negativity.
Some people are just Debbie Downers. That’s okay, but that doesn’t have to be you! Make your environment one that fosters peace and positivity. Life is hard enough, and negative ‘tudes are super toxic and can be contagious. If someone treats you poorly it doesn’t say anything about you, but makes a HUGE statement about them. Don’t hang out with people like that, they are jerks but that still isn’t a good reason for you to act like one too.
8. Forgive.
You don’t have to get over the past… but get past it. There’s a reason why there’s a charge for extra baggage now; it’s excessive and unnecessary.
9. Do stuff that makes you feel good.
Like impromptu dance parties. And naps. Lots and lots of naps.
10. Be hopeful. 
I can’t help but wake up everyday from excitement, anything totally wonderful could happen at any moment! Being able to get up everyday in itself is a privilege not an entitlement. I’ve been blessed with the deceiving gift of not only escaping death, but to have been able to face it. It has left me with the profound weight of knowing that being alive is totally awesome and something we could show a little more gratitude towards.
Not every day in 2015 will be easy. But if you take the steps towards bettering yourself, it will be successful. The bad days are still little baby deposits you can put into the investment of YOU, for YOU. By the Bank of YOU.

The metaphor of books and stories for the New Year is so cliche (but also totally perfect…) so remember, this is page 1 of a 365 page chapter. (It’s a long book…) No one else should ever have a say in how you feel. Following the rules is boring and keeping a reputation for other people is lame.You are the author of your life. You get ONE version to write a first draft. (No pressure) You are the one to choose if your life is a tragedy or a comedy.
except for how scary this picture kind of is.

except for how scary this picture is.

My coach is someone who I truly admire, not only for his knowledge on the track, but his overall wisdom is pretty impressive. He said something to me that has stuck around way longer than I thought it would:

“Lace, life is meant to me worn like a loose garment…so take your bra off every once in a while!”

I think we can ALL assume how his story is developing. (Hilarious)
From my family, my work family, and my friend family to all of yours.

From my family, my work family, and my friend family to all of yours.

How are you going to write yours?

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