Makin’ Some Training Moves!


I have been accepted to train at the World Athletics Center in Arizona to train this year and hopefully up to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

I’m so incredibly honored and blessed by the support network I’ve had getting me to where I am today, and I am now humbly asking for just a little step up to futher the momentum. I know I can make it to the podium, and now I know the WAC does too!

My training will be orchestrated by THE Dan Pfaff (he’s a pretty big deal) and I will have a phenomenal team of coaches, sports med, physios, nutritionists and team mates to help me through it all.

I have made a GoFundMe account which you can access to by clicking on the badge below:

Funds raised will cover the costs I owe to WAC as well as a meal plan through their facility. Moving is real expensive, yo, so I am adding in a little buffer for those costs also. Also, a VERY special thank to Wiggle Your Toes Organization, they committed to matching funds raised DOLLAR PER DOLLAR to help me and my cause. So the number you see on my page is actually DOUBLED!

Any and all extra dollars donated will go to funds I will collect for future training costs of other paralympic athletes. There are so many people on the cusp of greatness but need a little extra financial push to get them to the top, resources are limited presently, and eventually I want to see opportunities like these available to more people.

I truly believe in “you get what you give,” I’ve been so blessed with everything given to me in my life and I’m ready to give back.

It’s been such an incredible journey, so here’s to the newest adventure!
Thank you so much.

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