Australia Day(s)

It’s a very quiet night (I’m betting, post-Super Bowl) in cold cold Denver right now… So I’ll talk about Australian things instead!

Last Sunday was Australia Day, which is kind of like the equivalent of the 4th of July but also not even close to the same holiday at all. So I guess I’ll share a few things I now know about Australia (and it’s chosen date) according to me:
-they have a national radio station called “Triple J” that plays it’s hottest 100 songs of the previous year… And this radio station is GOOD. seriously. Like why hasn’t this same concept arrived in the US yet? It’s amazing.

-they throw more things than shrimps on the barbie… Like lamb, which is amazing here, and pretty much everything that comes to mind when you think of BBQs… (Including kangaroo and emu)

-they don’t really “throw shrimps on the barbie” they actually call them “prawns.”

-January and February are like the hottest months of summer here. It’s regularly hitting over 100F in Canberra each week. Which is abnormally hot I keep being told but regardless, it’s no snowpocalypse that the entire US is pretty much experiencing right now. (Sorry guys)

-the beach and everything included (bikinis, surfing, tanning, seafood) is like their thing here. And they make all of it look so GOOD.


-the animals are exotic here. No joke. Cockatoos flying around, and the crows make noises like sick cats, and spiders can bite you that makes your SKIN ROT OFF, kangaroos hop around highways like it is no big deal… it’s kind of intense.




-they love their meat pies. Which is weird trying to eat one when it’s so hot outside.

-you have to pick your seats when you buy tickets to go see a movie. Which is kind of weird but also makes a lot of sense.

-everyone here is so laid back, it’s kind of refreshing. Like you can pretty much talk or joke about anything and it’s “no worries, mate.”

-they have an equivalent of “Flo” from the Progressive Auto insurance commercials. Actually, they have a lot of TV Equivalents including (but not limited to) So You Think You Can Dance, The Biggest Loser, Top Chef/My Kitchen Rules…

-Paralympic athletes are widely recognized and appreciated all over the entire country. Which honestly, is different. The US is slowly but surely getting on that wagon but it’s really cool to see commercials and advertisements with people wearing running legs, or in race chairs. And I don’t mean to see these people as being highlighted as “motivational” “inspiring” or “determined” (which is all true and totally valid) but as legitimate athletes with not only talent, but dedication that few have to put in the really hard work and sacrifice that it takes to be an elite level athlete.

-clothes lines over dryers. All day.

-their coffee is like if our coffee had a lower water to caffeine ratio. And it gets the job DONE.

-don’t even get me started on the chocolates here. Which are absurdly good. Like almost to the point where it would feel WRONG to eat chocolate again in the US.

-Australia has it’s very OWN football league call AFL which is not really even close to NFL, but honestly, waaaay tougher. These dudes take some intense hits. They call it “footy” and I think the ball is named “Sherrin.”

There’s plenty more of random but interesting things I’ve learned and continue to learn during my time in AUS (like Oz… Because it feels like that sometimes) so I’m sure I’ll have way more to share as the weeks continue on!
(And I’ll try to take more pictures if actual things instead if the random animals outside of our house…)


One Comment on “Australia Day(s)

  1. We miss you out here in “Cold Colorado”! We’re glad that you are having a great time out there. I’m sure that you are an inspiration to many there also. Are you going to come back with an accent? See you when you return home!
    Melinda from BioDesign, Inc.

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