You know, it’s been coined “The Hardest Team in the World To Make…” and anyone who has ever been blessed enough to be a member of Team USA I’m sure will agree with that statement. So honored to compete now on my SECOND World Championship Team. I am en route today and as I reflect on this year, this life; I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for every single person being a… Read More

Hi everyone, just wanted to remind you that another awesome Ottobock for Life event is coming to the central Phoenix area. There is still room for RSVPs, so come get a little grub and learn about some of the coolest and newest technology Ottobock has to offer our users right now. I will be presenting along with a few friends, so you can get a little background information on the technology but… Read More

Dudes- Life is always crazy but there are a couple things I have wanted to share with you all… Meet Dexter     I have been working with the Non-Profit, Wiggle Your Toes officially since 2014. When I got my scholarship to train with Altis (formley World Athletics Center) in Phoenix, they were the first people to go to bat for me and help me raise the funds necessary to pay my coaching… Read More

This post is long overdue, but there are many things to share and celebrate, friends! August was a crazy crazy month. I had a family emergency that needed my love and attention, (everyone is fine now) a lot of travel, as well as had a few sockets made by my one and only CPO, Chris Hoyt at BioDesign. (He’s basically the MVP of my life) My time in August really made me… Read More

It has been a WHILE since I posted anything last- and for that I apologize!   The competition season is HERE and I am writing a quick note from Manchester to update everyone on 2015 so far. At USA Paralympic National Champs I finished overall 1st in the F42 Long Jump and 2nd in the T42 100m. Not too shabby!      I was invited by British Athletics to compete at the IPC Grand… Read More

So I agreed to swallow my pride, and make this PTSD treatment up as my main focus for training. For however long I needed it to, I needed to break some weirdness so I could not only grow as an athlete but also as a person. I could feel every day that happiness was within my reach but it’s like I just couldn’t grab it. Let me take a moment to say my sports… Read More

Prepare for some real D&M (deep and meaningful) moments in this series about my newest adventure: my head! Since moving to this new city for training, I have always thought of the image of the phoenix as deeply poetic and also very fitting as a metaphor through this crazy adventure I currently am a part of. The more I grow and change the more I really feel like I identify with this… Read More

This may or may not come as a surprise: but I got my degree in the arts. Foreign language, to specify. Spanish and French to be even more specific.   So, while I chase after my paralympic dreams in an effort to prevent my brain from completely turning into jelly I do my best to keep up my language proficiency.   This month I am reading the 20th century Argentine classic, El… Read More

Friends, TONIGHT the Ottobock team will be LIVE in Portland. Go to Eventbrite to RSVP and come play and learn about our line of microprocessors and hang out. Can’t wait to see you there!

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, but haven’t really had a chance to organize my thoughts enough. (I typically like to outline my blogs before I sit down with them and crank them out) I decided for this one, screw it, I’m just going to let it come out organically. This is such a sensitive and intimate topic for me. I rarely share my cancer-feelings. I don’t like… Read More