This morning I received news that a friend of mine, fellow camp counselor and cancer survivor passed away yesterday. I find it hard to articulate how I feel each time I lose someone to cancer. I’m not sure what is more unsettling; the stupid fact that people are still actually dying from it or that I forget and am surprised at how deeply I am still affected by this disease. Carla was… Read More

Hey friends! I will be in San Diego for a few things along with my Ottobock Team. The 24th of February, we will be hosting an Ottobock 360 event where you can learn about the latest and greatest devices coming out. You can get more information and RSVP here. But wait- THERE’S MORE   That Friday, the 26th of February I will be hosting another Fitness Revolution where you can try out a… Read More

I thought this would be something very fitting to share on World Cancer Day. As a cancer survivor, I can tell you first hand how difficult, ugly and scary the disease is. It has taken friends and family members from us too soon. As a person undergoing treatment one of the most exhausting things you have to do is to “stay strong,” even through the pain.   Cancer has changed my life… Read More

Hey all! I am putting my tentative outdoor season meet schedule up now in case anyone wants to come support at a track meet near you! Keep the look out too because as the month approaches I will update the calendar for confirmed or canceled meets. Also- you will spot a few upcoming Ottobock Running clinics I will host so keep a sharp eye. Thanks! L.

Before the New Year I wanted to get a quick D&M (deep and meaningful) blog upon reviewing 2015 and all that has passed. It was another year of transition, a little turmoil and a lot of learning. For me, the year was full of emotions and at times felt incredibly treacherous. It was a sea with violent waters and while I fought, struggled, and somehow managed to keep my head above the… Read More

This August I had a quick stop in Lincoln, Nebraska to work with my Ottobock family instructing another running clinic with some super star amputees.      The particular gentleman I’m sharing with you all is Bob White. He is the athletic director at Lincoln High School, and just an over all super-nice guy.     Before I spoke to Bob, he came up to me and asked if I had remembered meeting… Read More

Hi Everyone! I finally feel like I have my brain back after traveling back from Doha. Off season is going GREAT and I’m slowly catching back up on my life. Just a quick moment to let you all know an article came out where I was interviewed by Amplitude magazine about fitness apps and the latest fitness technology. You can get access to the online edition here, where I share my personal thoughts… Read More

Hi!  I’m pretty sure this will be my final schedule with all of my events. I jump first and was also fortunate enough to qualify for the 100m which I will run a week later.  For updated results and to watch LIVE please go to Here is my schedule in local (Qatar) time (hopefully as well as the correct pacific/mountain standard times)  22/10/2015-16:20-Women F42 Long Jump- Final (06:20 PST/ 07:20 MST)  22/10/2016-19:24-Women… Read More

You know, it’s been coined “The Hardest Team in the World To Make…” and anyone who has ever been blessed enough to be a member of Team USA I’m sure will agree with that statement. So honored to compete now on my SECOND World Championship Team. I am en route today and as I reflect on this year, this life; I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for every single person being a… Read More

Hi everyone, just wanted to remind you that another awesome Ottobock for Life event is coming to the central Phoenix area. There is still room for RSVPs, so come get a little grub and learn about some of the coolest and newest technology Ottobock has to offer our users right now. I will be presenting along with a few friends, so you can get a little background information on the technology but… Read More