LESS IS MORE hi! I have been wanting to post tips and tricks I do as an amputee (but also as a human person) that I use for traveling since I do it a TON between track and work.  this week I am heading to Italy for a family reunion. I’ve been on the road for a week anyways and have tips on tips for big long trips or even short ones… Read More

Well, another year at our home away from home has come and gone. Amp Camp has played an extremely integral part of my adult life, coincidentally, I even owe my track career to these baby birds. I didn’t even know about running legs or Paralympic sport until I worked at camp and entered this weird world of removable body parts. It transformed me in virtually every way possibly- and that is a debt… Read More

Hey all- Just wanted to give an update for all that have been following me this year. I am blessed to have had personal improvements in both the 100m sprints as well as set a new American Record for the long jump. Not every track meet is your best meet, and unfortunately my worst meet of the year happened to be at Paralympic Trials.   When team announcement rolled around today, I… Read More

The final part of our sit down. Enjoy!

Part 3 with Damon, Tori and Me!

As promised- Here is part 2 of our discussion!

When I turned 26 last year, my mom called me (after she got a delicious chocolate birthday cake special delivered to my door- Thanks mom!!) and told me that 26 was basically the Wednesday of my 20’s. I was still very much in the  middle of my roarin’ 20’s. Well, I have now spent a week of the “Thursday Morning” of my 20’s, the weekend in sight but still not close enough… Read More

Hey everyone! It’s been crazy with the competition season picking up but I wanted to get something in during April as it is Limb Loss Awareness Month! On a flight to a meet I was looking over some of the Amputee Coalition’s Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp paperwork and was inspired that while life has handed us some adversity: living with a limb difference or limb loss, it also has a few perks…… Read More

This morning I received news that a friend of mine, fellow camp counselor and cancer survivor passed away yesterday. I find it hard to articulate how I feel each time I lose someone to cancer. I’m not sure what is more unsettling; the stupid fact that people are still actually dying from it or that I forget and am surprised at how deeply I am still affected by this disease. Carla was… Read More

Hey friends! I will be in San Diego for a few things along with my Ottobock Team. The 24th of February, we will be hosting an Ottobock 360 event where you can learn about the latest and greatest devices coming out. You can get more information and RSVP here. But wait- THERE’S MORE   That Friday, the 26th of February I will be hosting another Fitness Revolution where you can try out a… Read More