WARNING: This post is rated at least PG-13   So, today is my 18th ampuversary. Since my residual limb (I hate the word “stump” fyi it makes me cringe when I refer to my body as a “stump”…) is of legal consenting age; I decided to work on a project that is a little more grown up.   I call it Crazy Legs; I have people submit their totally WTF or hilarious… Read More

On this 18th eve of my Cancer diagnosis anniversary (I call it my “canceñera” since moving to AZ) I published my first vlog!   Check it out:

I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with some friends with the Amputee Coalition after my experience in Rio and talk about the Games, and the evolution of disability for the future. Check it out below!

Fast forward to “the call” and going home and going to team processing and going to Rio, yada yada yada… I had plenty of time to reflect and here are my thoughts: 17 years ago, on any given Saturday I could be found at Denver Children’s Hospital, In-Patient Oncology ward (typically in the Intensive Care Unit because my cancer experience was consistently catastrophic and I never had an immune system.) Since I… Read More

Fast forward to my other summer plans; the fateful (and unfortunately short) Argentina trip. I came down to Buenos Aires, only with a place to stay (thanks to the endless love I have from my “adopted family”) and that’s about it… I got in on Sunday, called my (actual) cousins who live close to the city when I got in. A couple days later we had coffee and made plans for a… Read More

Holy smokes! It’s already MID OCTOBER (wutttt) I am finally slowing down from the rush of this summer and would like to share some thoughts from all the places I’ve been. Since June I have experienced the extreme spectra of emotions from shame, disappointment, loss, to joy, celebration, and satisfaction. Let me share a few thoughts I’ve had during the summer.   There is a brazilian author named Paulo Cohelo, who famously wrote… Read More

just a quick, NON proof read(I kind of hate my iPhone keyboard for blog posts but it’s all I got!) thought I want to share:  **while on vacation in Argentina I got a last minute phone call inviting me to compete for Team USA in both the Long Jump and the 100M sprints due to the Russian State Sponsored Doping Scandal. I was the first person given a slot, the slot I… Read More

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS so I am on hour 3 of this delay. not ideal but not terrible. since it’s this far pushed back I now know I only have about 20 minutes to make my Italy connection (original layover was 3h50m then when I checked in 50m and now ???)  so I came to the gate, chatted a little and the most my gate agent could offer right now is a seat… Read More

LESS IS MORE hi! I have been wanting to post tips and tricks I do as an amputee (but also as a human person) that I use for traveling since I do it a TON between track and work.  this week I am heading to Italy for a family reunion. I’ve been on the road for a week anyways and have tips on tips for big long trips or even short ones… Read More

Well, another year at our home away from home has come and gone. Amp Camp has played an extremely integral part of my adult life, coincidentally, I even owe my track career to these baby birds. I didn’t even know about running legs or Paralympic sport until I worked at camp and entered this weird world of removable body parts. It transformed me in virtually every way possibly- and that is a debt… Read More