My doodles- I am so excited. When I knew my girls Mama Cax and Angel Giuffria were coming to town, I thought if I got a camera on us we would create some amazing content. It’s a LADIES brunch (a good friend male-friend-but-female-fan James was there also) during Women’s month JUST before Limb Loss Awareness Month. Are the stars aligning or nah?? Sure enough, we finally found a way to get together…. Read More

Okay. So I hesitated doing this…   But this Crazy Legs post is from ME.   I need to mention, I FREAKING LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. I seriously LOVE love, and yes we should acknowledge and show it to our partners regularly… but, I also think participating in a day doing something (even if it’s corny) that celebrates love is a good thing. So, I was deep in my feels, y’all. This Valentine’s… Read More

Sunday, February 4th 2018 is World Cancer Day. I was asked to share a little hopeful history with my own experience having had cancer. It doesn’t just affect the one person diagnosed. It’s effects are felt by everyone. And we are not alone. Please watch:

  Here is a textual conversation I had with a close friend about some first date protocol: I just want to be clear in that my wisdom ONLY comes from learning all of these life lessons the hard way… (She is a smarty-pants medical student at a REALLY good med school) I am CONSTANTLY revisiting the concept of dealing with people who have disabilities finding themselves in situations where they feel a… Read More

WARNING: Language is rated R in this post   Okay. I have been waiting WAY too long to post this.   So I have a friend through track who is a TOTAL BOMBSHELL BABE. Like, think Jessica Rabbit but with a better tan and an Aussie accent. She also uses a wheelchair and has like… her entire life. She has some incredible exchanges she shares with her social media following and let’s… Read More

Hey- Happy New Year!   This year I have been 10000% over the long-drawn out, deep-and-meaningful farewells to the year we left behind. Mostly, because 2017 was kind of shitty for me… That’s neither here nor there.   Something cool I saw though is people are sharing their reading lists from the past year. I am inviting myself to share the 15 books I can remember reading from 2017. (Occasionally with a… Read More

Hi Friends! It’s been a while- and I am taking a quick break to post one of the most recent articles I wrote that was published by my friends at the Amputee Coalition with their magazine InMotion. Coincidentally; this article has nothing to do with disability and everything to do with managing life as it comes. You can see it here! OR ALSO here is just the text if for whatever reason I didn’t… Read More

Today is a good friend of mine’s 5 year ampuversary! She is a phenomenal human, amazing Kindergarten teacher, and my partner in crime trying to herd around 100+ amputee kids every year at AmpCamp. She shared a story with me for Crazy Legs, and it is my great pleasure to send it out into the world. It sucks to lose a limb, but it’s awesome to make friends like this one.  … Read More

The topic of online dating recently arose amongst some amputee friends. More specifically a male friend of ours, who is a triple amputee, was inquiring what some of our amputee community of friends have done in regards to sharing photos of our disability in our online/dating app profiles.   Once I figured out what the dating apps actually WERE, I made myself a profile and used them sparingly for dating earlier in… Read More

Hey everyone; This Crazy Legs story comes from a handsome gentleman who happens to have lived his whole life in a wheelchair. We are Facebook friends and this particular post actually helped spark the idea of my Crazy Legs blog idea: Strange comments from people while running errands this week. Tuesday-a guy asked ” are you sure you can’t walk? Me: pretty sure about. Wednesday-lady in line at Starbucks: “I just want… Read More